control your wires AB: Owner
After graduating in computer and systems sciences and economics, Mikael Schelin(ミカエル・シェリン:右)worked briefly for an American investment bank and a Swedish fashion retailer before he decided to start his own business to focus on his interest in innovation and technology. Together with Andreas Fornell(アンドレアス・フォーネル;左), an architect working for a Swedish fashion brand, the product was created during many late nights by the kitchentable. Involved in the project has also been a network of Swedish people with various backgrounds in graphical design, advertising and production.

Message (Mikaelからのメッセージです。)

1. Origin of idea. What was the starting point of the idea?

The concept is about making life a bit less messy. After a lot a frustration, sitting on the metro every morning trying to entangle the iPod cables, we felt an “urgent” need to solve this problem. We wanted to create a simple yet effective solution for managing the cords so that you could spend your time listening to your favorite music instead of getting angry over the messy cables.

2. Design process. To what detail did you pay attention in the process of
developing and finalize the design and form of the product?

The main focus in the design process was on the functionality - to create aneffective way of wrapping and locking the cable. But at the same time we did notwant to over-complicate things - it should be simple enough for every day use.

3. Material choice. Are there any interesting story on choosing the right
material for the product.?

We wanted the product to be durable and serve as a long lasting companion in your digital life. It should manage to keep the cords in place despite rough or stressful situations. High grade liquid injection silicone, with its flexibility, durability and tear strength was the most suitable material for creating an easy-to-use locking mechanism for the cables. It also made it possible to create the product in one piece with no lose parts that could break or get lost. We like high grade liquid silicone also because it is pure and clean and it is derived not from petroleum but
from silicon (which can be found in sand) and oxygen, that we have plenty of on this earth.